Google Chromecast 3 - Black
Google Chromecast 3 - Black
Google Chromecast 3 - Black
Google Chromecast 3 - Black
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Google Chromecast 3 - Black

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With the emergence of Smart TVs, many internet services have their own application to be enjoyed in a much more accessible way directly by televisions. But what happens if the TV is not Smart TV, and we want to access these services? Well, until recently there was no remedy, but now there is the Chromecast, a Google invention.

What is Chromecast?
It is a small device, lightweight and easily installed on televisions that allows access to a series of applications, apps or tools of a Smart TV, on TVs that do not have this technology.

All you need is an HDMI port to connect the Chromecast. The first steps after connecting it is to synchronize it with your Smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS operating system, through the Google Home application, available on the Play Store and App Store, respectively. After synchronizing, you can make the TV play the contents you indicate from your smartphone.

How it works?
Although it is generally said that Chromecast turns your TV into a smartphone screen, the truth is that it works more like an interpreter. While other systems directly export the image from your smartphone to the TV, making the content play on both screens at the same time, with Chromecast it is this one that plays what you indicate from the smartphone, but without it performing this task , leaving you free for other tasks.

If you want to watch a video on YouTube, just indicate it on your smartphone, and the Chromecast device connected to the TV's HDMI port will itself access the YouTube application, and search for that video, while you continue to use your smartphone with complete freedom .

Chromecast features
Use your smartphone as a state-of-the-art controller to send videos, music and your favorite games to your TV. You have a wide variety of applications compatible with this device, and you can quickly access all of them, as well as their contents, to enjoy, for example, TV programs just by sending an order from your smartphone. Add content to the playback queue from anywhere in your home, all while continuing to use your smartphone for other tasks. In addition, the use of Chromecast implies less battery consumption.

Choose from thousands of national and international channels, movies, series and millions of songs on apps like Spotify or YouTube. With streaming platforms like Netflix or HBO, you can watch hundreds of series, as well as the best releases, with additional subscriptions.

Thanks to its compatibility with Wi-Fi networks, you can enjoy streaming content in high definition directly from the cloud, as it is capable of playing videos in 1080p with Surround Sound, which you will watch stably and without any disturbances, thanks to its Intelligent traffic management that minimizes buffering.

With Chromecast, you choose how and when to watch your favorite content. Select and plan your content from anywhere, and start viewing it when you get home.

Another feature is to really turn the TV screen into a mirror of your smartphone or tablet. You can display a photo or video stored on your smartphone and, thanks to Chromecast, you can display them on the big screen, mirroring the image on the device.

Play with your friends by rotating the screen on the game board. There are thousands of games on the Play Store or App Store to spend a fun night with family and friends. Choose from logic games, trivia, riddles and more, and share them from your smartphone to your TV with just a tap of your finger.

Stream compatible entertainment apps from any device in your family to your TV with the touch of a button or your voice. Simply connect the Chromecast to your TV's HDMI port, download the Google Home app and start streaming.

The content you know and love. Send entertainment from 1000+ apps to your TV:
It streams movies, shows and music.
Stream your Nest Cam signal, photos and more.
The TV viewing experience has improved. When you want to upload your content, you can:
Use your smartphone, tablet or laptop as a remote control.
Ask Google Home to do it.
Project your smartphone or laptop screen onto your TV.
Google Chromecast 3 Specifications:
Color: Carbon
Length: 51.9mm
Width: 13.8mm
Power cord: 1.52mm
Weight: 40g
Resolution: up to 1080p (60 fps)
WiFi: WiFi 802.11ac (2.4GHz / 5GHz)
Power: 5W Adapter
Supported OS:
Android 4.4 or later (mobile)
iOS 9.1 or later (mobile)
TV with HDMI port
Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi enabled device
Ports and connectors:
Micro-USB for charging
Others :
[Ambient Mode]
Compatible with Nest. You need Google Home, a Chromecast and compatible home automation products to send what a camera captures to the TV through Google Home.
More than 1000 applications for Android and iPhone®. iPhone® is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.


1x Chromecast
1x Power cable
1x Power Adapter